why would you do that ? 

just, why ? 

Fries case 
……or Chips? 

Gahhh I’m so confused
Things, my things. 


i wonder if


you would really sit down and look back at that


and really really really think about how you damaged me.

and once again verbally after that.

and ever since then i haven’t been able to wake up feeling completely happy

or to sleep without having that the last thing i think about before saying good bye to the world and go to sleep.

(and i hate myself for not knowing how to bring it up and tell you that it’s been bothering me.)

Stories 💘


i still have my bad days- seems to me that i still haven’t forgiven you. i don’t want to think about it because it always makes me cry, it’s like a nightmare except you’re not sleeping when you remember those happenings. it sticks with you.

Notes ….to self


do you really think i have the capacity to be clear?

because i don’t see it. i don’t feel it. myself, or from you. at the moment.